Pickleball Recycling: Balls on Court, Not in Oceans

Pickleball Recycling: Balls on Court, Not in Oceans

36.5 million. 

You’ve seen that number a lot by now. It’s how many picklers there are in the US. 

Those picklers need quality gear. It’s why we exist. 

And what gear do picklers need the most of? 

Balls — lots of them. 

It’s why there are 500 million pickleballs manufactured each year! That’s enough pickleballs for everyone in the US and Russia to have one. 

Many pickleballs are like good loaves of bread — they go bad fast. And when a pickleball cracks or loses its pop, it’s tossed to the trash. 

Then what? 

Well, right now, more than 200 million pickleballs are going into the landfills and oceans each year. A cracked ball leads to a cracked climate. Because there hasn’t been a sustainable way to recycle pickleballs — until now. 

P3 Pickleball is the only company that has created a registered 501c3, P3 Cares, with the capability to recycle old, cracked, or damaged pickleballs. They launched their innovative recycling program in early 2023 and have already placed 200 recycling bins across the country. These 200 bins have collected more than 42,000 pickleballs that were previously going to landfills and oceans! 

We’re proud to partner with P3 Pickleball to expand their recycling program by placing bins on courts around the country. You can learn more about our program here.

Together, we can make pickleball a more sustainable sport. 

P3 Pickleball’s program is dedicated to the advancement, accessibility, and sustainability of pickleball. And it gives picklers like you an easy way to play your part in reducing pickleball’s carbon footprint. Small actions, like where you discard your busted pickleballs, can lead to big changes. 

We’re excited to partner with P3 Pickleball to find the best way to recycle pickleballs. Because like your partner who just had a poor performance — your balls deserve a second chance. 

If you’re interested in adding a recycling bin to your favorite court, request one from our partners here.