PCKL Lifetime Guarantee

Designed to keep you confident on the court.

Our paddles are designed for durability. We use top-quality materials and expect top-quality results. Having an issue within 30 days of your purchase? You may be looking for our Returns Page.

What does Lifetime Guarantee mean?

You have 30 days to return your original order, but we know our paddles should last beyond that. That’s why we provide a Lifetime Guarantee on all our paddles after warranty activation. Register your paddle here to activate your warranty.

Here are some examples of what our Lifetime Guarantee covers:

  • Arriving cracked or chipped in the box 
  • Loose/rattling materials
  • Delamination of face
  • Other manufacturing defects

What does Lifetime Guarantee not mean? 

We know Lifetime Guarantee sounds too good to be true, but we guarantee our quality and our paddles. Whether you’re playing with one in the MLP finals or during open play at the park, we’ve got you covered. But, if you accidentally smash it in a fit of euphoria after a brilliant shot, we can’t take responsibility for that.

Here are a few other examples of what it doesn’t cover:

Paddles subbing for a pet chew toy
While saying the dog ate your homework was always worth a shot in school, this unfortunately is not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.
Rage slamming or other forms of paddle abuse
Pickleball is always fun, but we know those missed shots hurt. Try not to take it out on your paddle, as this is not covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. 
Left behind at the court
We know it feels great to grab a drink with your partner after a long hard march, but don’t leave your paddle behind. This is not something covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. 
Father Time 
Our paddles are great. You’re gonna want to use them all day, every day, and you should. But over time, every paddle will wear down naturally. Our Lifetime Guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear like the eventual fading of graphics, face textures or occasional edge chipping. 

If at any time you are unsatisfied with our paddles, we want you to let us know. Having a quality issue, not the right feel, or did our product fail to live up to your standards?  Reach out to our customer care team and let’s discuss. 

How do I file a claim? 

We’ve designed our Lifetime Guarantee process to be as easy as possible so that you can get your replacement paddle and get back to your game.

Submitting your Lifetime Guarantee Claim is easy:

Step 1: Make sure your paddle is registered with PCKL.com. Click here to register your paddle.

Step 2: Complete and submit the online warranty claim form below:


Step 3: You will receive a response from our customer care team within 48 hours. Once the Lifetime Guarantee warranty claim is approved, you will receive an email with a gift card code along with a free shipping code.

Step 4: Shop on PCKL.com for your brand-new paddle. Make sure to add your gift card code into the gift card box during checkout, along with the free ship code (if needed).

*Please note that state and local sales tax rates apply

*Please note that the gift card is only valid on www.PCKL.com