PCKL 2023 Year in Review

PCKL 2023 Year in Review
2023 was an incredible year for pickleball and for the PCKL brand.
Thank you so much for being a part of TeamPCKL and joining us on this ride. Here are some fun stats and facts from the year behind. We're looking forward to a great year of pickleball in 2024!
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So Many Balls

PCKL Balls Are Everywhere


2023 saw the launch of our Elite 40 High-Performance Pickleballs, and players everywhere took them to the court by the thousands. If you laid down all of the balls end-to-end, the chain would be longer than a marathon course 🤯

Making a Difference

PCKL Gives is Off and Running

PCKL Gives

Last year we launched PCKL GIVES, our program to donate money, time and pickleball gear to those who could put it to the best use. All in all we supported 35 different organizations with over $10,000 wort of product and over $30,000 in financial support.

PCKL in Stores

PGA TOUR Superstore Leading the Way

PGA TOUR Superstore

In 2023, PCKL jumped from online to a major retail presence available in numerous locations from coast to coast. Our largest national retail partner, the PGA TOUR Superstore, has led the way with PCKL now available in more store locations nationwide.

Paddles, Paddles, Paddles

From Starter Bundles to Pro 13 & 16

Paddle Stack

We launched our Pro Series 13 & 16 in 2023, completing our lineup of paddles and giving everyone from beginner to pro a chance to join the PCKL Fam. Paddles flew off the shelf during the year, enough that you could stack them to 3x the height of the Empire State Building!

Thanks for reading! See you on the court in 2024.