PCKL Signs First Professional Pickleball Player, Dan Granot

Dan Granot Team PCKL Signed Sponsored

Dan Granot plays in the National Pickleball League (NPL) for the Denver Iconics. As an Atlanta native and early adopter of our Pro Series paddle, having Dan as part of  Team PCKL was meant to be.

"I’m thrilled to join Team PCKL as my game and their gear continue to evolve! When you’re playing against the best, the smallest margins matter. PCKL’s obsession with improving their products gives me confidence that I’ll have everything I need to perform at my highest level."

Dan is one of the top players in the country today, but he was once hesitant about even picking up a paddle. In a recent interview with CoStar, Dan said, "I perceived pickleball to be the last racket sport to play before you die.”

But (probably similar to you) Dan quickly became obsessed with the sport. He now gets up at 5 a.m. to practice (maybe not similar to you), and he’s ranked in the top 10 for players over the age of 50. 

As a principal of the Atlanta-based brokerage Joel & Granot Commercial Real Estate, Dan has also found the sport to bring him more business as clients are looking to create space for the rapid growth of pickleball. We’re proud to partner with him in helping the sport grow. 

"It's no longer a fringe sport," Dan said. "We've passed the point of competing with cornhole on ESPN the Ocho."