New PCKL Pro Series™ 13 performance paddles available for purchase and PCKL Pro Series™ 16 paddles available for pre-order this August 

ATLANTA, GA (August 2, 2023) – PCKL, a top pickleball company known for high-end pickleball gear, launches its most high-performance pickleball paddles yet. The new PCKL Pro SeriesTM 13 and 16 paddles - the company’s first raw carbon fiber paddles - incorporate the features professionals rely on at a high level of competition. Both paddles feature a thermoform design for added durability and a Toray T700 raw carbon face for exceptional spin.

The new paddles, developed for experienced and professional players, are available with a 13-millimeter or a 16-millimeter polypropylene honeycomb core. Pro SeriesTM 13 features technology for a powerful spin on the return, while Pro SeriesTM 16 was developed for controlled spin for the ultimate soft game. Both paddles are edge-foam injected for added stability and offer a large surface to reduce mishits. Add in the extra-long 5.5-inch handle for powerful, two-handed backhands, and game on. All paddles are USA Pickleball approved for tournament use. 

PCKL President & CEO Michael Gottfried said of the new Pro Series paddles, “We worked extensively with elite players across the country to determine which paddle technologies and features would most enhance the game. So it is with great excitement that we are launching both PCKL Pro Series 13 and PCKL Pro Series 16 to enable even the most advanced players to spin the game their way.”

Dan Granot, a top 10 senior pickleball professional added, “I use PCKL paddles during competitions and have found the company continually raises the bar with every new release. PCKL paddles are light weight and produce a significant spin profile - features that help strengthen my game during professional play.”

Available for purchase in early August at pckl.com, Amazon marketplaces, Walmart.com, and retail shops across the country, Pro Series 13 has a retail price of $159.99. Pro Series 16 will be available for pre-order in early August for $159.99 with an expected ship date of August 16. 

For more information about PCKL paddles, balls, and other gear visit www.pckl.com.


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