PCKL, Innovative D2C Pickleball Gear Maker Raises $2M in VC Funding

PCKL, Innovative D2C Pickleball Gear Maker Raises $2M in VC Funding
ATLANTA, GA (August 23, 2022) - PCKL, LLC (pronounced [ˈpik(ə)l/]), announces the launch of its innovative lineup of pickleball paddles and balls as well as a $2 million dollar funding round led by BLH Venture Partners. The competitive casual pickleball brand, launching today out of Atlanta, GA, brings Launch, Power and Pro Paddles as well as Optic Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs to pckl.com and Amazon.com
“Once we identified how large, quickly-growing and deeply passionate the pickleball audience was, and how much we ourselves love the game, we knew it was ripe for a team like ours to jump in and make a splash,” said Michael Gottfried, Co-Founder and CEO. “There’s tons of room for innovation, community-building and a fresh perspective, and we have the experience and know-how to execute.”
The $2 million investment from BLH Venture Partners stems from their past experience with the eCommerce leadership that makes up the PCKL executive team. 
“Once I saw the team and plan they wanted to execute, the investment decision was easy,” said Ashish Mistry, Managing Partners at BLH Venture Partners. “I understand how this team operated in a prior life as well how they think about product and community. This space with this team is poised for success."
PCKL prides itself on being an approachable brand that is focused on community first, from local leagues to the growing digital community. Its competitive casual motto extends from beginners to competitive players, with a mission to show consumers that pickleball is more than just an active pastime. 

PCKL sets forth its mission to: 
  • Create and support on/offline pickleball communities - donating 1% of yearly company profits to community racquet sports organizations
  • Partner with local organizations, starting in Atlanta, to introduce the game of pickleball to their facilities where not currently present
  • Provide consumers with robust digital content that not only educates on the game but fosters community building
The PCKL product lineup includes a series of paddles that range from beginner to competitive level - Launch, Power and Pro and a collection of Optic Outdoor and Indoor Pickleballs in five unique colors. Prices range from $64.99-$119.99 for paddles and $11.99-$12.99 for four pickleballs. 

About PCKL 
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, PCKL is a competitive casual pickleball company focused on integrating sports, fitness and social. The performance pickleball gear brand provides its community with a well-rounded pickleball experience by combining high-quality paddles, balls and accessories for players of all levels. For more information, visit www.pckl.com or follow PCKL on Instagram @pcklball.
Media Contact:
Jessica Tillery
Director of Marketing Communications