How to get your family and friends into pickleball this holiday season

How to get your family and friends into pickleball this holiday season

The holidays are the few times when family and friends have the same days off of work and are looking for ways to spend quality time together. Take advantage of the season by spreading the joy of pickleball with people you love. 

Many families and friends don’t know what to do with their free time when the gifts are all opened. There are only so many college football bowl games a family can take. 

You can create a new Christmas tradition by rallying your family and friends for some pickleball. 

Here’s our 4-step process to getting your family and friends into pickleball this holiday season. 

Lean into what your family and friends value

What does your community value?

  • Connection
  • Competition
  • Learning something new
  • Getting outside
  • Staying active

Pickleball can align with many values that resonate with your family and friends. Find the one that connects with your community and lean into how the sport can satisfy it.

Make it easy

The moment you pitch pickleball to your family and friends, they’ll come blazing with excuses — with the first being, “I don’t have a paddle.”

You can eliminate that excuse by always having access to multiple paddles. Ask to borrow friends’ paddles or snag a bundle this Christmas. 

You can also scout (or create) a court close to your family and friends so they can’t blame a commute. 

If your community doesn’t have access to a pickleball court, a portable net and tape or chalk make it easy to bring a decent court close to your neighborhood. 

Remember: the court doesn’t have to be perfect for introducing the game to your family and friends — as long as there’s a kitchen, there’s potential to play.

Build excitement

Your family and friends may think pickleball is a slow, boring sport for retired folks. Show them differently. 

You can build excitement for the game before you ever take the court by showing them what you keep telling them — pickleball is a blast for all. 

Send them videos of Ben Johns. Or an Anna Leigh Waters’ backhand. Or Tyson McGuffin just being Tyson McGuffin. 

Or maybe they’re the competitive type. Don’t be afraid to talk (the appropriate amount of) trash. 

Show them what we believe, and we know you do too: pickleball is for everyone! 

Create a welcoming environment

You know better than anyone — there are a lot of strange rules in pickleball. Don’t let the rules be an obstacle to fun. 

Yes, rules are important for learning the game. But you can bend them for the sake of keeping the point going and letting people feel comfortable. 

Let Aunt Cathy have a second serve. Don’t shout at your mom every time her toes touch the kitchen. Play balls that barely go out. 

If pickleball is new for your family and friends, then the purpose of a holiday outing is to have fun, learn the game, and share a memory that has more laughs than arguments.  

Happy dinking this holiday season! 

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