The weather is changing — so should your pickleballs

The weather is changing — so should your pickleballs

The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing, and your pickleballs are breaking. 

Fall brings remarkable weather for pickleball, but the cooler temperatures also means your pickleballs are more likely to break and warp. That’s the main reason we created the Elite 40 Pickleballs — a ball durable enough to withstand the coldest conditions. 

Pickleball is one-of-a-kind, but similar to other sports, it’s not immune to harsher weather conditions. 

Cold golf balls lead to less speed and distance on your shot. For football, cold weather reduces the air pressure of the ball by 20%. It’s why turnovers skyrocket. Pickling in the cold often leads to cracked balls and frustrated picklers.

Pickleballs are more prone to crack in cold weather because of the physical properties of the materials used in their construction. The balls are typically made of a rubber-like material or plastic called polypropylene. When the temperature drops, plastic becomes less flexible and more brittle.

Our Elite 40 Pickleballs last longer. They’re designed for durability with a seamless, one-piece construction and industry exclusive blend of materials that cracks less than competitors, especially in cold temperatures.

The right pickleball makes all the difference when the weather changes. Here are a few ways cold weather can impact the performance of your pickleballs. 


When the temperature drops, pickleballs can become as fragile as a bubble in a hailstorm. Choosing a ball renowned for its durability is crucial. Opt for pickleballs that can withstand the chill and avoid cracking like a middle school boy’s voice. 

The Pop That Doesn’t Stop

In the cold, that delightful "pop" of a pickleball can fade into a disappointing "plop." The right pickleballs will retain their lively bounce. Don’t let the weather steal your pop. A sturdy ball means a game that lasts, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Precision and Consistency

A high-quality pickleball maintains its shape and weight, guaranteeing consistent gameplay. You don’t want a ball that's as unpredictable as the stock market. 

Built for all seasons

As you gear up for colder days on the court, make sure you have pickleballs that can last as long as you — regardless the weather. 

Prepare for the cold weather and grab one of the most durable pickleballs here.