Ben Johns to Play with PCKL’s Newest Pickleball

Ben Johns PCKL Elite 40

Ben Johns, the #1 player in the world, will play with our newest pickleball on May 13th. We’re not crying; allergies are just rough in Atlanta. 

The Iron Paddles Pickleball Club, based in Arlington, Virginia, is hosting The Pros vs. 5.0s event on May 13th. And the PCKL Elite 40 pickleball is the official ball of the event. 

The Iron Paddles will compete against some of the best professionals in pickleball. Four Iron Paddles men’s doubles teams will play against some of the best women in the sport, Anna Bright and Brooke Buckner. Others will try to do the impossible: take down the world’s best pickleball player, Ben Johns. 

The Irons Paddles Pickleball Club is spreading the sport of pickleball in D.C. and beyond. The premier club of 115 members has 5.0 players who host clinics and events.  

“When people think of pickleball, we want to be the first organization that comes to mind. From clinics to unique events… to pop-up tournaments to individual lessons, we want to be the brand that people think about three years from now when they think about pickleball in this country.” — Iron Paddles co-founder Jimmy Brown

The free event in Alexandria, Virginia, is another great step in growing the sport of pickleball. And we’re honored the action will feature the PCKL Elite 40 pickleball, the most durable ball designed for competitive play.