4 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pickleball Players

4 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pickleball Players

It’s spooky season! 

Our team is here to help you bring your passion for pickleball to the Halloween season. Here are four DIY Halloween costume ideas for the avid pickler.

The Paddle

Let’s start simple. It’s just a big ole PCKL paddle with a spot for your face. That’s it. Finally, a paddle big enough to reach every lob. 

Jeff Bezos would love to help you build it. Just use all those Amazon boxes you’ve got lying around. Snag the biggest one you can find or tape smaller ones together to create the right height and shape for your body. Then, the redneck’s swiss army knife comes in handy: duct tape. Make yourself handles, cut a hole for your face, add a bit of spray paint, and voila — you’re now a human pickleball paddle! 

Extra points if you can rally two friends into being a second paddle and a ball ;).  

The Pickleball die hard


Dress up like the 3.5 player who takes the game way too seriously. 

You’ll need sweatbands, goggles, more paddles than one bag can hold, a fresh box of balls, and, of course, a pickleball rule book. We suggest making a thrift shop run for this outfit. You’ll find eclectic gear that only an ambitious pickler would be brave enough to wear. 

Don’t have the actual rule book like a good law abiding pickler? No worries! You can easily create a fake one by printing a cover and wrapping over any book or binder you have at your house. 

Pickleball Barbie & Ken

Barbie is back, baby! Or did she ever leave? There’s a 100% chance Barbie and Ken will be the most popular duo this Halloween. You can stand out by trading your purse for a paddle. 

This fit is also simple. You can visit thrift stores or your little niece’s closet. If it’s pink, it’s going with you. 

The Kitchen

If you want more space at all the Halloween parties, then dress up like a kitchen. Spatula in one hand, paddle in the other. Wear an apron and try on loaves of bread for shoes. When people get within a six feet radius of you, just call them out for a foot fault and tell them to back away. 

Got a great idea for a pickleball Halloween costume? Send it to us on social and we might just share it with the rest of our followers.