Pickleball Beginner Tips

Pickleball Beginner Tips

With Valentine's Day next week, it’s the perfect time to have the DTR talk with your doubles partner. Ask the hard questions so you can plan your future together. 

Who’s covering the middle?  

Who should play the left side of the court? 

Should we even be playing together?

The best teammates communicate — maybe over dinner and wine. 

Tips for Beginners 💸

  • The top 5 rules of pickleball that trip up beginners (PCKL blog)
    • Pickleball’s dictionary is playful — dink, kitchen, erne — but those same quirky words and the rules around them can create confusion for people new to the sport. Confusion shouldn’t stand between you and a good time on the court. Plus, the better you understand the rules, the more likely you are to take home the W 🙌
  • Two easy tips for pickleball beginners (Twosday)
    • Here’s one of them: Let the ball bounce. If you let the ball bounce before you swing, you’ll have more time to think about how and where to hit the ball. You’ll slow the game down. You’ll also see a lot of your competitor’s hits go out — aka easy points. 

Master Your Return 💯

  • Why you should slice your return (The Pickler)
    • The third shot is arguably the most important shot of the game. That’s why you should do everything you can to make it more difficult on your opponent. Slicing your return could do the trick. It gives you more time to get to the kitchen and less opportunities for your opponent. 
  • The most common return mistakes killing your game (John Cincola Pickleball)
    • Professional pickler John Cincola teaches you the three keys to effective returns:
      • 1. Consistency 
      • 2. Depth
      • 3. Get to the line

For Your Commute 🚗

  • 5 of the best pickleball podcasts (Pickleball Max)
    • Your ears hear enough of wiffle balls popping off of carbon fiber. Give them a treat and improve your game by listening to pros, amateurs, and coaches sharing their pickle insights.

Bonus: Third Shot, especially this episode featuring our CEO Mike Gottfried

How-to ✅ 

  • How to stay injury free playing pickleball (Well + Good
    • Pickleball elbow? Yeah, it’s a thing. The rise of pickleball play is making the waits at your doctor’s office even longer. You can decrease injuries (and your medical bills) by stretching before and after games. Here are some tips for addressing knee strains, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, and ankle sprains. 

Gear Spotlight 🔦

  • The Dink reviews PCKL Pro Series (The Dink)
    • Who needs five stars when you can get 17? The Dink gave our Pro Series paddle a 17 out of 20 rating, with a perfect score in the power category. You can save 15% on the premier paddle by using the code DINK15 at checkout

A Hot Take 🔥

  • Padel is the pickleball of Europe (The New York Post)
    • Padel is the fastest growing sport in Europe and South America. More than 25 million people are playing this cross between squash and tennis — including stars like David Beckham. Now, billionaires are making Miami a hub for the sport. It’s cool, but pickleball is better because it’s the sport that tore down walls so more people could play. 

Pickleball and Business 🧳

  • Would you watch pickleball on TV? (The New York Times)
    • Pickleball is booming, but is it ready for TV? Some have argued that the sport is similar to hockey in viewership — fun to watch up close but not appreciated as much on the screen. ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Tennis Channel have broadcasted some events. With the popularity, investors, and established leagues, you can expect a lot more pickleball in your living room this year.   
  • Silicon Valley VCs are using pickleball to network (Business Insider)
    • "A lot of the things that used to be in vogue I probably wouldn't do anymore, like golf outings or whiskey nights or cigar tastings," he said. "It's not very inclusive. That's why I think that pickleball is better. It just makes everybody feel more at home." — Rak Garg, Bain Capital Ventures principal

Professional Update 👔

  • PPA Phoenix Results (The Dink)
    • Did Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters get another triple crown? Are you paying too much for eggs? Yes — the answer is yes. The duo has won back-to-back triple crowns in the year’s first two PPA tournaments. 

Thanks for reading PCKL 11. You can treat your doubles partner this Valentine’s Day by snagging them a PCKL gift card. It pairs well with chocolate. 

— The PCKL Team