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Soft touch, fast hands, exceptional control

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Elite 40 Pickleballs

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.
Pickleball’s Next Ball has Finally Arrived

The pickleball world is ready for that ‘next’ ball and the PCKL Elite 40 is it.


Looks great and feels great! I love the ability to reset and direct the ball at the kitchen line and this paddle has it!


Lightweight and powerful. I make great contact with this paddle and love the gritty texture


Best paddle I’ve used! Definitely an upgrade from the other paddles I have tried. Great quality and control! Highly recommend!

Pro Starter Bundle

Pro Starter Bundle

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2 Pro Paddles
4 Elite 40 Pickleballs

Engineered with experienced players in mind, this Fine-Grit Carbon paddle offers maximum precision and a large sweet-spot higher on the face that is great for picking up balls and dinking at the kitchen line.

The PCKL Difference

Pickleball gear that gives back. We’re committed to giving back 1% of our profits every year to racquet sports organizations around the country with the goal of improving access, reach, education and wellness for communities.


We make high-performing pickleball paddles that don’t need hours of research, so you can easily find a paddle fit to your skill level and play style.