Pickleball New Year's Resolutions

Pickleball New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions 🎉

  • Five Reasons Playing More Pickleball Should be Your New Year’s Resolution (PCKL)
    • When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, you may think of dumbbells, kale, and penny-pinching. But you shouldn’t have to dread your life to make it healthier. We give you five reasons why playing more pickleball could be your perfect New Year’s resolution.
  • Can you do all 12 of these workouts in 2023? (NYT)
    • Statista ran a survey to find out the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2023. Exercise was at the top of the list with 53% of the votes, but it doesn’t have to be as boring as your virtual happy hour. Check out 12 ways you can spice up your exercise routine — including playing more pickleball. 

In the News 🗞️

  • Anna Leigh Waters named the youngest athlete on Forbes 30 under 30 list (Forbes)
    • 🍾 Pop the champagne — actually, don’t, she’s too young to drink. Anna Leigh Waters, the 15-year-young pickleball phenom, continues to build her illustrious career by adding a Forbes award to her parents’ mantel. 
  • Nurse honored for saving man who had a heart attack on the pickleball court (WISN)
    • “There were angels around me.” — Joe Bruno, pickler and heart attack survivor
  • Sports Illustrated covers the vast landscape of pickleball (SI)
    • Pour a cup of coffee and kick up your feet — this is an in-depth read of how pickleball grew into the movement it is today. You’ll learn about the powerhouses pulling the strings and the athletes shaping the game we all love. 

You Have to Watch This 🤯

  • See the top 💯pickleball shots of the year (Pickleball Highlights)
    • Spend your lunch break watching pickleball shots that will drop your jaw to the floor. You’ll see Jay Devilliers live up to his nickname of The Flying Frenchman and Mary Brascia inventing a shot now known as Mary-Go-Round.  

A Hot Take 🔥

  • How pickleball embodies the value of Bitcoin (Bitcoin Magazine)
    • Besides confusing lingo at first, pickleball and Bitcoin share some qualities. They’re both inclusive and accessible. But we’re thankful for one key difference: it’s pickleball that’s going to the moon! 🚀

Plan Your Vacation 🌴

  • This cruise line is now home of pickleball (Apartment Therapy)
    • Holland America Line is named the official cruise line of the PPA. As of February, each ship will have dedicated pickleball courts. You can now blame your losses on seasickness rather than your partner. All aboard, picklers! 🚢
  • 6 dreamy resorts with pickleball courts (WSJ)
    • Winter is here. But you don’t have to let Mother Nature put the brakes on your pickle progress. Avoid hibernation (and letting your game literally go cold) by taking a vacation to one of these resorts that offer a pickleball haven year round. 

Professional Updates 👔

  • Check out the star-studded roster for the MLP challenger league (The Dink
    • The MLP recently held a draft for its second-tier league, the Challenger Level. Former tennis star Sam Querry was the first overall pick. As an Atlanta-based organization, we’re rooting for the Atlanta Bouncers, who are owned by Anheuser-Busch. 
  • 2022 Stats from the PPA Tour (PPA)
    • How many ernes have you ever done? Tyler Loong did 10…in one match. Callie Smith once hit 78 third shot drops in a single match. And Collin Johns played in five consecutive gold medal men’s doubles matches (19 games) without hitting a dink into the net. 

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