How Loud is Pickleball?

How Loud is Pickleball?

In the News

  • Exactly how loud is a pickleball game? (The Vox)
    • The Vox shares how pickleball went from Boomers to booming — literally. The noise of a pickleball bouncing on a paddle is around 80 decibels, the inflection point where sound starts to become irritating. We think it’s the sound of music 🤷‍♀️
  • Pickleball ranks #9 on Ad Age’s Marketers of the Year (AdAge)
    • Ahead of Vuori and behind Liquid Death, pickleball claimed the #9 spot on this year’s Ad Age’s Marketers of the Year. We’re not surprised considering celebs like LeBron, Stephen Colbert, and Naomi Osaka are putting their bread behind the pickle.
  • Listen to how and why we launched PCKL (Third Shot Podcast)
    • Our founder at PCKL, Mike Gottfried, joins the Third Shot podcast to share what it takes to build a pickleball company. You’ll hear how from day one, we’ve been obsessed with making pickleball an approachable sport for people like you.
  • The Year of the Dink (The Ringer)
    • From celebrity endorsements to professional league drama and tennis tension, The Ringer covers the electric year for pickleball.
  • Pickleball players lose turf war to kids in Manhattan (New York Post)
    • Seravalli Playground designated two courts for pickleball. That wasn’t enough. Being the resourceful people picklers are, players used portable nets to expand the space into 12 courts. What ensued was a turf war for playground space between children and adults.

    Professional Updates

    • New year, pretty much the same rules (The Pickler)
      • 2023 rules are out! The one-handed spin serve is officially (and finally) banned. 🙌 99% of the pickleball community rejoices 🙌 The other 1% will have to learn to earn points the old-fashioned way. Other rule changes are centered around petty professional stuff like replays, referees, and color of clothing.
    • Meet the 12 teams competing in the MLP next year (The Dink
      • The innovative league with big-wig investors like Tom Brady and Gary Vee held their draft last week, and boy, are we in for some stellar matchups. Anna Leigh Waters was the first pick — duh. Ben Johns and Tyler Loong are teaming up, and the Newman siblings are at it again.
    • A new league for players 50+ (Bloomberg)
      • Get ready to add another acronym to your pickleball vernacular — the National Pickleball League (NPL) is designed for players aged 50 and over. Just because you’re a half century old doesn’t mean you can’t become Anna Leigh Waters.
    • The PPA caps off the year with tennis stars (PPA)
      • The PPA wrapped up its 2022 tour in Vegas, where four elite tennis players teamed up with the best in pickleball for a round-robin tournament. Team Sam Querrey, consisting of Riley Newman, Allyce Jones, Megan Dizon, Collin Johns, Lucy Kovalova, and Pat Smith took home the championship, which aired on ABC. 


    • These 5 Pickleball Beginner's Mistakes Are Ruining Your Game (YouTube)
      • Kyle Kostuza spent the past year becoming a professional pickleball player. He just launched a YouTube channel to share his learnings along the way. Kyle’s debut video adresses serving mistakes, driving too much, sporadic movement, the downfall of big swings, and being close minded.
    • How to get your family and friends into pickleball this holiday season (PCKL)
      • Many people don’t know what to do with their free time when the gifts are all opened. There are only so many college football bowl games a person can take. Here’s our 4-step process to getting your community into pickleball this holiday season. 

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